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Water Fire Extinguisher

Air-Pressurized Water fire extinguisher is suitable for class A risks involving paper, wood, straw, textiles, coals etc. Our well designed water extinguisher is used to protect against Class A fire hazards. This Extinguisher is operated by Stored Pressure or Cartridge. Water extinguisher is generally recommended for offices, convenience stores, retail shops, dispensaries, dental clinics, schools, pharmacies, care homes, estate agents, post office, hotels, and warehouses.

Water fire extinguishers or known as APW (Air-Pressurized Water) extinguishers are only suitable for class A type risk involvement. Do not use water extinguisher in case of fire caused by grease, electric fires or class D fire (caused by magnesium, potassium, sodium and titanium, etc.). Water fire extinguisher is filled with pressured oxygen and water.

Warning : It is hazardous to use water fire extinguisher in wrong type of fire situation.

Water Extinguishers are available in : 6ltr (Litre) and 9ltr (Litre)

Water Extinguishers
Model Extinguisher Type Class A Fires Class B Fires Class C Fires Class D Fires Class E Fires Class F Fires
WA6SF 6 Litre Water Stored Pressure 13A          
WA9SF 9 Litre Water Stored Pressure 34A